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Connect Minds4Change a non profit organisation organising small and effective projects to help the poor and less privileged...

...we would like to connect like-minded people to change the world and make it a better place for everyone...

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IF EVERYONE CONTRIBUTES A SMALL PART, time for teaching, some money, ideas, or just good vibes then WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD TOGETHER! Some of us teach streetkids in Manila, others conserve water for our planet to be well, others drink fairtrade coffee and somebody helps the neighbours kid with their homework every day without formally being asked for it. Just do SOMETHING that is within your means! ANYTHING is better than nothing.

Then some of us teach, make & cut videos & much more.


Teaching STREET KiDS in Manila

Malate is one of the areas in Manila where many people live in extreme poverty, of these, countless girls work in prostitution and many kids live in the streets.


Every night they bed down on cardboard, trying to find a safe place where nobody bothers them. During the day they beg and play in the streets of Malate...more

It's more fun in the Philippines

“It’s more fun in the Philippines” is the tourism campaign of the country. Everyone that has been to the Philippines knows why that is true: the striking beauty of the 7000+ islands and the happy attitude of its people make it a beautiful country to visit. People are very welcoming and jolly despite widespread financial poverty and economic uncertainty.

Although the official figures show very decent economic growth, in reality people in the provinces live on very little from day to day and barely exist above the level of subsistence. In bigger cities, especially in Manila, the vast majority of people live in slums and in the street. Few make it to poor areas inside the capital and disproportionate numbers of foreigners live in the expensive parts of town. Despite their everyday struggle people sing, giggle and smile and share their last bit of bread with you! Definitely worth a visit and worth being supported.



Kindness is a personal choice.

Connect Minds 4 Change

Connect minds 4 change is a non-profit organisation organising small and effective projects to help the poor and less privileged. Mostly, these projects take place in the Philippines, as statistics from 2016 show that an estimated 26 million live in poverty and of those 12 million suffer extreme poverty. These people often struggle to better employ the resources they have in order to prosper.


Like-minded people from Europe and the Philippines make a joint effort to support people the people as well as educational, environmental  and ecological projects. We support local people who do not have either the means or the strength to make a change by themselves.


We give seed funding to people on remote islands without energy for their first set of solar panels. We educate street kids in basic Math or English and support them so they can go back to an official school. We support students to find an internship in Europe, so they gain hands-on experience in their job and can find a sponsor for their final year, as parents often run out of money just before their kids graduate. We ask skilled craftsmen and women to take on apprentices, so older students learn how to work with wood or other natural materials. We support women of tribes to sell their natural produce in Europe in order for them to make a sustainable and regular income to support their family.



Connect with us 4 change.

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Make the world a better place.


There are many projects waiting for your support, most recent we are looking for teachers throughout the whole year.

Contact us.


We are especially looking for people with a background or experience in teaching and social work, although depending on your other abilities this is not a must. We carefully choose the people we are working with, so please apply and get in contact with us and we will find a possibility for you to help!


Kindness is a personal choice.


While we do the groundwork here we need your financial support from all over the world! Together we will invest in


a uniform 10 EUR p.a., 

toothbrushes 20 EUR p.a.,

into long-term projects like

teaching street kids 8000 EUR p.a.

We are greatful for your support and try our best to make our efforts sustainable and have a long-term impact as well as we hope to keep successful projects running for many years.

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Current projects:


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