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Project: Teaching STREET KiDS in Manila


Malate is one of the areas in Manila where many people live in extreme poverty, of these, countless girls work in prostitution and many kids live in the streets. Every night they sleep in the street on cardboard, trying to find a rather safe place where nobody bothers them and during the day they beg and play in the streets of Malate.


“Hey you! Money!” is sometimes the only thing they know how to say in English. In general the level of English is very high in the Philippines, as English is taught in school from the very beginning on. Yet all the kids that never went to school or dropped out at some point barely speak English, which obviously minimizes their chances of finding a proper job when they grow up.


After spending a lot of time in Malate while being in the Philippines, I got to know some of the kids and realized that besides the obvious helpful things to learn for kids, such as Math and English they also long for attention and somebody that cares.


This is why we started our little volunteering teaching class. Every morning we spend two hours with the kids, teach them essentials, play with them and help them with life as far as we can. They know where to find us and that they are safe with us. We are always in the same place at the same time and teach them, using cardboards as blackboards and markers for writing. Once per week we are doing arts together, we make paintings or we are colouring the street with crayons. We are also teaching how to preserve the environment, how to make Malate a nicer place to live and reduce waste in daily life. Even though that’s a luxury problem for these kids...


Our volunteers are very well selected, because we want to make sure, knowing the kids, that for the kids and the volunteers it is a good fit and everyone benefits from the project and has an enjoyable time.

Connect with us 4 change.


There are many projects waiting for your support, most recent we are looking for teachers throughout the whole year. We are especially looking for people with a background or experience in teaching and social work, although depending on your other abilities this is not a must. We carefully choose the people we are working with, so please apply and get in contact with us! and we will find a possibility for you to help!

Kindness is a personal choice.

 While we do the groundwork here we need your financial support from all over the world!

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Project: Malate scholars

School as one of the best things you can imagine...


Our small scholarship program is meant to help kids that are in a sever state and in a higher risk group of those kids living in the streets of Manila, because they are exploited, mal-nourished or in a dangerous situation of any kind.


Scholarships provide them with healthy food on school days, a school uniform, school materials, transportation to school and close monitoring by teachers and other supporters of the organisation. More...

Project: LiBrary in the Box

We are planning to set up small libraries in the box for remote places in order to give access to books and literature in english language, especially for children...


...100 books from Singapore (arrived & ready 4 distribution)

...100 books from Taiwan (arrived & ready 4 distribution)

...100 books from UK (last count of collected books: 200)...100 books from ?


Set up your own challenge and organize and donate second hand books for small libraries in remote places in the Philippines!

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