Black forest SoLARS - made in black forest for remote island in the Philippines

Picture: German high school students building solar cookers for remote islands without electricity in the Philippines!

Students in black forest in Germany build solar cookers of different types to be rebuild and being used on remote islands in the Philippines that have no access to electricity. By producing a tutorial video in english people in the Philippines will have the possibilty to build their own solar devices and either access the possibility of cooking without charcoal, or with investing in making a solar cooker by using cheap contruction material or even using recycling material that is for free, people save money and efforts as well as natural ressources for their daily cooking.


The solar cooking devices can easily be used in the Philippines where electricity is comparably expensive, scarce or not available, yet the same principle applies in any other place of the world that has access to sun.


DIY video on youtube:

Newspaper article SchwaBo

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