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There are many projects waiting for your support, most recent we are looking for teachers throughout the whole year: If you are 18 and you speak English please apply here.


We are especially looking for people with a background or experience in teaching and social work, although depending on your other abilities this is not a must. We carefully choose the people we are working with, so please apply and get in contact with us and we will find a possibility for you to help!


This organization is founded by volunteers for volunteers as we wanted to have a real impact and contribute in a meaningful and sustainable way. This is a fun and adventurous way to learn about the Philippines and meet like minded friends. Personal growth is guaranteed and we support you in any way we can as long as you are with us and even connect with you afterwards at our CM4C-Alumni meetings!


For the current project Teaching in Malate we are still looking for volunteers!


We expect around 20 children at this program each day aged from 6 to lower teens. Volunteers will be teaching the kids and prepare activities accordingly. We generally find that the better volunteers prepare for their day then the more they and the children benefit from the whole experience. We will have local co-ordinators/teachers at the project to assist.


What you teach is completely up to you, though you will be given guidance from a general guideline and past volunteer examples. We have a small library of resources on site for volunteers to use and we encourage volunteers to teach what they enjoy themselves, that includes music, arts and even sports. Filipinos are very jolly people so you will be integrated faster than you realize that you have already started the program. 


The program is an empowering and rewarding project which really makes a difference to those less fortunate. Inspire through your methods and give these children the confidence to converse with other foreigners. This in turn will improve their future and that of their families.


There are NO EXTRA FEES to join the program! We will help you to prepare, to arrange flights and your visa, which you will need to pay for yourself and then that's it! We will provide you with accomodation and food and material which you need for the class.


Apply here!

We are always happy to teach and play,

the beautiful volunteering routine:

Teach Eat Sleep Repeat

When in Manila.

upcoming: italian experience Teaching in Manila

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