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Even small donations make a change…we will invest in a new school uniform for a kid (less than 10euros), we will invest in toothbrushes and toothpastes for kids (~20euros per year per kid), we will invest to keep projects like teaching in Malate running, to make a sustainable and lasting impact for the kids there (the project costs ~7000euros per year).


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Most of us Europeans live a very comfortable life in security and peace. Over the past centuries we were lucky to experience a rather prosperous economy and only few restrictions to get a job and earn money and even if there is no job for us, mostly governments will have a backup plan for us. Exactly the opposite is true for the Philippines at the other end of the very same planet. In the Philippines it is very hard to find employment, man people have own shops and if somebody finds employment in a bigger city as Manila or Cebu, often more than one family depends on their income.


There are many reasons for a difference in life and opportunities, the few that we can help with, we try to tackle.


Education is one of them.


Even though the Philippines already provide schools for everyone and education is technically free, there are still reasons for poor families not to send their kids to school. Expenses for a school uniform or transport from their home to school are too high. Kids need to help working in order to earn enough money for the family to survive. Or Kids were abandoned early and live in the streets of bigger cities and have many more things to worry about than going to school.


We help and support kids and families with those small issues as far as possible, so kids can go back to school. This gives them an equal base when they are older to apply for jobs just like kids from the west or from richer families.


Make a difference and join us to help with small and efficient projects!


Electricity is another one.


The Philippines is a country in different development stages depending on the area you are in. Many remote islands for example do not have electricity yet. With sunrise around 6am and sunset around 6pm that gives people only certain hours with natural light. Often communities try to set up at least one diesel generator in the village so everyone can watch weather news and receive storm warnings, charge their radios and if there is any phone signal in the area, also charge their phones.


Ideal for these remote islands would be a set of solar panels in order to prevent people investing in a diesel generator. First panels are less expensive, as after investing round about the same sum into panels as they would need to invest in the generator, they don’t have to buy diesel to keep the generator running. Second obviously this is a great chance to introduce solar energy in a developing country which would advance everyone and prevent people from doing the same mistakes as we have done in the west by investing in power plant generating energy from resources that become scarcer and scarcer.


Many big solar firms already start investing in bigger power plants and start supplying solar energy into local grids, expectantly this is of course generating a lot of money for big investors. Small people often don’t know they use energy from a solar plant and they have no benefit as they either pay high prices for energy themselves or the community was forced to install the power plant and has to subsidies the plants prices in order for people to pay a normal price that they can afford. Many crazy schemes can be found.


As solar energy is a good thing and on some island people would love to invest in solar panels, because they see the benefit for themselves and the environment, they can hardly afford the sum that has to be invested. Investment costs range from 300/400 Euros for a family to install a system on their own roof, to 5000-6000 Euros for an installation that is being used by an entire community. Let’s help people with a combination of seed funding and donation, so they can help us to make a difference in this world.


If you are interested in sponsoring or seed financing an installment please contact us and we will suggest different models to you how to support one family or one community in the Philippines.



Make a difference and join us to help with small and efficient projects

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