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Connect minds 4 change

Connect minds 4 change is a non-profit organisation organising small and effective projects to help the poor and less privileged. Mostly these projects take place in the Philippines, as this is one of the countries where people live in extreme poverty and often do not know how to better employ the resources they have in order to prosper.

The founders of the organisation haven been friends, colleagues or schoolmates for many years already. After Francesca's inspiration to start projects for the poor in the Philippines, the founders were supportive in founding the non-profit organisation in Germany with a shared mind-set of acknowledging the wealth of the west and the sometimes unbelievable poverty of a country like the Philippines.


After founding the organisation in Munich in 2016, we keep the shared mind-set of individual contribution. Some of the founders are very active and help in projects in the Philippines, others support in a manner of a quiet shareholder and help in the background with advise and professional support or give access to their personal network. The organisation is based on a principle of volunteering in the very sense of voluntary contribution. Help within your means and make it a positive experience for yourself as well the ones we help!

Same minded people from Europe and the Philippines make a joint effort to support people and projects, education projects, environmental projects and ecological projects. We support local people who do not have either the means or the strengths all by themselves to make a change.

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People from all over the world are supporting us already! Fotographers taking pictures and making videos, business ladies collecting books, students helping in management and marketing, locals growing the network and promoting our projects.


People that are already busy in their lifes and still manage in addition to support us and the organisation with a hands-on approach, often initiating their contribution by themselves, after they heard of our projects and helped teaching themselves.


They simply join in and help the organisation grow and prosper with their support, they share the same mind-set and are great people with amazing characters. Thank you very much!!

We give seed funding to people on remote islands without energy for their first set of solar panels. We educate street kids in basic Math or English and support them so they can go back to an official school. We support students to find an internship in Europe, so they gain hands-on experience in their job and can find a sponsor for their final year, as parents often run out of money just before their kids graduate. We ask skilled craftsmen and women to take on apprentices, so older students learn how to work with wood or other natural materials. We support women of tribes to sell their natural produce in Europe in order for them to make a sustainable and regular income to support their family.

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