Black forest chAllenge - learning about poverty, volcanoes and fun games

"CM4C Komittee" has been founded by students from different grades and age groups of a school Gymnasium Dornstetten in black forest. It is a social committee that organises and launches activities to raise funds and actively learn and inform about poverty and other social problems as well as different ways of life in different parts of the world. The group is successfully managed by the students themselves and is supported by us and a few enthousiastic teachers who encourage extracurricular activities.


So far the students have managed to raise enormous funds for our project, by collecting docations during school events and have started some small activities to display details of our Teaching project in Manila and the life of people in Asia in general.


The famous CM4C CHALLENGE has been the latest achievement, which was a game divided into 4 parts that the students planned, prepared and organised for other kids to learn about the Philippines. There were 4 activities that had to be completed of which one was an escape room with an errupting vulcanoe, another was a ridle and information part, there was a creative challenge, where Tshirts could be designed and a fun part, where simple games that street kids play with simple self-made toys could be tried. Sipa is a famous traditional game in the Philippines, normally played with a rattan ball, yet imitated with simple measures and self-made from bottle caps.

For us to find those messages on Tshirts, that were designed by random students of all ages, have been extremely emotional and exciting, as for us it shows that these kids have understood the inequalities in our todays world very quickly.

Wisdom that more adults shall achieve and put into action as quickly as these students.