When going to school is one of the best things you can imagine...


Looking at the happy faces on their first days of school it really feels like an achievement, compared to where and in what state the same kids where when we got to know them first. This small scholarship program is meant to help kids that are in a sever state and in a higher risk group than other street kids, because they are exploited, mal-nourished or in a dangerous situation of any kind.


The scholarships provide them with healthy food on school days, a school uniform (inlcuding shoes, socks, school bag, etc), all school material they need along the year, transportation to school and close monitoring by teachers and other supporters of the organisation. We also help them to develop additional and useful skills outside of school, like cooking, washing, sewing, etc that might help them in later stages of their lifes. If they have parents we also support the parents in their role and are in contact with them in order to help them to find a way to get back to a normal social and daily routine, finding jobs and support them in taking care of their kids for one year.


Our goal ist to stabilize the environent of the kids so that after one year they can go on without our support. Sometimes they just need somebody to give them a jump start, encouragement and somebody that believes in them.


Kindness is a personal choice.

CARLYN (11) and ANGEL (5) have been attending our small teaching classes from the very beginning. Their parents are not available to help them and their grandparents are ill and do not have jobs.
Sponsor: Franziska Bammert

KIRK ANGELOs (8) parents never finished school, they currently don't have jobs and can barely take care of themselves. His aunt has her own family, but makes sure he goes to school every day.


Sponsor: Evelin Bammert

JIMMYBOY (9) and JIMAR (5) are the two older of four brothers, their housing is non-existent and both parents do not have jobs at the moment. While the two boys get send to school on a temprary scholarship by the organisation we urgently try to find sponsors for them while we also engage the parents as drivers and in cleaning uniforms every week to get them back into a working modus so they start having an income again.
Sponsor: to be found

ARJAY (12), PATRICIA (6) and GABRIEL (8) are three siblings of a single dad who is depressed since their mum left the family. Arjay is supporting the family and all of them eat cooked bananas for every meal. Until sponsors are found the mal- nourished kids are temporarily supported by the organisation. Their dad is to be supported to find a job, yet Arjay is also being supported in finding an apprenticeship, so even in an early age he already starts developping skills that might help him later in his teenager years.
Sponsor: to be found